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Evolving from time spent in a leading engineering and architectural practice TBK first set up business in Surrey working with, among others WS Atkins, General Electric Company, Mowlems, Costain Group, Arco British, Shell International, the International Energy Association, Nuclear Energy plc, Seeboard, South East Water, The Research Councils, UK Trade and Investment. As well as working with larger companies and organisations we have worked with smaller entities; schools, colleges, retail and franchise businesses, independent consultants, public relations consultants and the rag trade building up a wealth of experience across a wide spectrum of industry.

In the early 2000s when reliable broadband web access was becoming available nationwide we took the opportunity to move West, away from the hurlie burlie of the South East and relocate to mid Wales. Utilising the internet we were able to communicate, share data files between ourselves, clients and production houses. Our working practice, now commonplace, allows us to work with clients and suppliers locally, nationally and internationally. In the recent past we have worked with high profile companies in the insurance and financial markets whilst retaining our interest in working with start up companies and smaller organisations.

We call upon a team that comprises graphic designers, illustrators, artworkers, web and software developers, marketing consultants, musicians & sound artists, photographers, videographers and project managers. In addition we work with a full range of printers, ISPs and contractors enabling us to fulfil our customer’s requirements.

TBK Design - some points of interest

TBK Design - some points of interest

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May 12th, 2014
The two questions that I get asked more than any others with regard to online videos is 'how can we increase the number of views on YouTube and how can we make it go viral?’

Identifying and fixing 'spammy pages' on a compromised website
April 22nd, 2014
Surprising as it may seem, it can sometimes be difficult to know if your website has been hacked – it is often not until a third party notifies the webmaster that the site has is behaving malevolently that you are alerted to a problem. In this article we look at how to identify if your website has been hacked with spam pages.

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